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Jiliane is a dream come true. We hired her to be our day wedding coordinator, and after our first meeting with her, I felt instantly relieved that she would be there for our wedding day.

She really goes above and beyond to make sure your day is perfect for you. When you're planning a wedding, all anyone does is come to you with questions and comments, but Jiliane will come to you with solutions and "I got it, don't worry about it" - which is exactly what you need and want to hear.


She is so easy to work with, she just gets it, and of course, she's crazy organized, you'll never have to worry something won't make it back to your car or get put away. I got so many compliments throughout the wedding about how fantastic and on top of it she is, and I'm here to say: THE HYPE IS REAL. She kept our wedding on time without sacrificing anything we wanted to accomplish.


Jiliane is the amazing, you won't regret hiring her - whether it be for your wedding, party, or just organizing your closet, she's simply the best!


Margaux P.,   //  Wedding


Though Jiliane was in Oakland and our wedding was in Houston, she managed to be fully present without hesitation during our Month-Of Coordination. When Jiliane began working on our special day, she completely took over and made sure I was stress-free. She finalized all details and timelines; and became the point-of-contact so I didn't have to worry about contacting vendors during that final month of preparation. We had a very detailed 12+ hour long wedding day and the moment my husband and I realized this would not have been possible without Jiliane, was when we walked into our reception venue and everything we had planned, dreamed of, and more was executed and we had absolutely no knowledge of how it got done. Definitely one of the best feelings I've had.

Jo Anne C.,   //  Wedding


Jiliane is amazing. I worked with Jiliane and her team on a wedding reception. Communication was clear and prompt. The day-of she had everything handled, if there was an issue it was resolved before guests had a clue. Do yourself a favor and hired the organization expert!


John D.,   //  Event Vendor


One of the BEST decisions I made for my wedding was hiring Jiliane from The Organization Organization. From the first meeting, I knew that she understood what I needed/wanted for my wedding. I had all my necessities already set up so I chose the package for one the month before and day of. I cannot stress enough how invaluable she is. The month prior to the wedding she became the main source of contact for my vendors and venue. I thought I had everything all set up but she made sure to tie up any loose ends. She came up with solutions to things I didn't even know I even had to think about or consider.  She gave great advice without being pushy. Also, she worked with me rather than around me. She is extremely professional and organized.


The day of the wedding Jiliane and Moriah made sure everything was executed perfectly. The day went by so smoothly and I didn't have to worry about a thing! I was able to enjoy my wedding with my husband rather than stress about what needed to be done. Thank you so much Jil and Moriah!


Do yourself a favor, just relax and enjoy your wedding. Leave the rest to these experts! You'll be in good hands. - Valerie C., wedding client

Jiliane is INCREDIBLE. I guarantee you that she will go above and beyond your wildest dreams with whatever you need her help for.


My now-husband and I found Jiliane while looking for a wedding planner. We sat down with her for a meet and greet to see if it was the right fit. As soon as we sat down with her, I liked her. She is fun, judgement-free, professional, creative, and she thinks of EVERYTHING. She asked all the right questions, even about things that hadn't even occurred to us. We obviously hired her, going with her month-of package. Needless to say, she wowed us beyond belief.


Our wedding day was completely perfect (and absolutely no stress for us) largely due to Jiliane's (more than) month-of preparation and day-of support and coordination. Everything was in order, everything went smoothly, and my husband and I didn't have to deal with a single obstacle. To be honest, now that the wedding is over I miss her and wish I could still talk to her every day ;)


Rachael C.,   //  Wedding


I hired Jiliane as a day of wedding coordinator and I could not have been happier with that choice. As someone who has planned large scale events in my work life, I felt like I could handle it all, but the venue required that I hire a coordinator. Now, I could not even imagine my day without her help. She attended my venue walk through and tasting, we had check in calls prior to the day and she event sent me a text the night before checking on me. The day of, she asked questions when she thought she needed input, but otherwise she executed things exactly how I needed. The day went off without a hitch, and I know that I was able to enjoy my day because she was there managing everything. She even brought us a glass of bubbles while we were relaxing right after the ceremony and it was the perfect touch! She made the day effortless for me, and I can't even describe how amazing that was. She was a great addition to the day, and I would recommend every bride use her for their big day.


Amanda K.  //  Wedding


Jiliane is the Olivia Pope of organization. I found myself in a crunch situation where I had a very limited amount of time to move from one home into another, and I was not able to take time away from work to devote to planning or packing. Jiliane was a lifesaver! She handled all the details of my move from beginning to end. She made sure everything was packed and labeled. She managed to get me to finally let go of a lot of clutter and donate a ton of old items to charities that could put them to good use. She even arranged the transport of my belongings and unpacked and organized everything in my new house. There is no way I could have survived the move without her. I highly recommend Jiliane to anyone who needs an expert that can come in and "fix" an otherwise overwhelming task.


Amanda B.  //  Organizing


I hired Jil to help organize a multipurpose room at my job. The room serves as a staff lounge and a storage space for multiple programs. She transformed the space from cluttered and chaotic to organized and efficient. Importantly, she set up a system that my staff can easily follow which has allowed us to reap the benefits of her work long after she left. She was flexible and responsive to my wishes for the room. I would definitely hire her again.


Johann D.  //  Organizing


Jiliane is amazing!!! She is the ultimate organizer, with zero judgement! She does the shopping for storage ideas (with your style in mind), and returns the items that didn't work. She takes all the donatables, and brings back the receipt for tax deducting! What started out as organizing my home office blossomed into my entire townhome's "hot spots". She is sharp, efficient, professional, and does an outstanding job! She has helped me declutter my home, and I was totally surprised by the physical relaxation that resulted. I hadn't realized how stressed my home was making me, and Jiliane helped me get out from under that oppressive feeling. On top of that, because of her passion for her craft, she actually made organizing fun! Fan for life!!!


Stacy S.  //  Organizing


Working with Jiliane makes my job so much easier. She's also just enjoyable to work with as well! Jiliane is always well organized, sees problems before they happen and really gets her hands in there to get the job done. I'd recommend her for any event to keep it organized, on time and the best it can be.


Misti L.  //  Photographer


Jiliane Patriarca is amazing.


She takes projects with myriads of details and smoothens out every knot and wrinkle. She take on a spider web of tasks and methodically, accurately and (seemingly) effortlessly meets every deadline. She investigates multiple options to choose from and creates a clear comparison of the pros, cons, costs and benefits. She reads and understands contracts for services and clarifies any hazy aspects before recommending action. She is a quick study on new topics and eagerly tackles and masters them.


Before Jiliane started working with me on the publication of my book, I was dreading the amount of detail and complexity. Now she drives the project forward and I am sure that the production, marketing and sale process will be a breeze.


Think of the best superlative adjective you can conjure up – and that’s Jiliane.  


Aletta D.  //  Author and artist


Working with Jiliane in an event is very organized and efficient.The most important thing is she didn’t put herself as just an outside event coordinator but also the company employee, she takes the value of the company and delivers to the guests. I would recommend her to other companies and individuals.


Grace S.  //  Corporate Event client


Jiliane is such a pleasure to work with. I was in need of some organization tips while preparing for a big move and Jiliane responded almost instantly with great information to make my closet clean out super easy. She also took the initiative to organize a groups of girls to participate in a 60 day challenge. She sent out emails to keep us on track and keep our little group communicating. I even told my Mom to hire Jiliane to help her get organized when she moves!


Jeanette P.  //  Organizing


Just started working with Jiliane and am thrilled to have her in my corner freeing up my energy with her clarity and organization!


Kim Thoman  //  Artist

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