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Moving to a new home?
Adding a new family member?
Feeling cluttered?
Sometimes you need a fresh start. Whether it's a new home, new baby, or you just need a new way to sort your closet, our professional organizing goal is to help you feel less stressed, frustrated, and cluttered by transforming your space so that you can have time to do things that make you happy.


  • Bathrooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Closets

  • Garages

  • Kitchens

  • Libraries

  • Pantries

  • Living rooms


  • Cubicle stations

  • Desk organization

  • Home offices

  • Filing systems

  • Paperwork

  • Supply closets

  • Storage units

  • Work offices


  • Coordinate move

  • Create action plan

  • Inventory items

  • Pre-move de-cluttering

  • Organize vendors

  • Pack

  • Space design

  • Unpack


Testimonial >

TheOrgOrg - before after 1.jpg

Jiliane is the Olivia Pope of organization. I found myself in a crunch situation where I had a very limited amount of time to move. She arranged the transport of my belongings and unpacked and organized everything in my new house. I highly recommend Jiliane to anyone who needs an expert that can come in and "fix" an otherwise overwhelming task.


Testimonial >

TheOrgOrg - before after 6_edited.jpg

I hired Jiliane to help organize a multipurpose room at my office. She transformed the space from cluttered and chaotic to organized and efficient. She set up a system that my staff can easily follow which has allowed us to reap the benefits of her work long after she left. She was flexible and responsive to my wishes for the room. I would definitely hire her again.


Testimonial >

TheOrgOrg - before after 8.jpg

Jiliane has helped me declutter my home, and I was totally surprised by the physical relaxation that resulted. I hadn't realized how stressed my home was making me, and she helped me get out from under that oppressive feeling. On top of that, because of her passion for her craft, she actually made organizing fun!

  • What is a Professional Organizer?
    A professional organizer is a person who can help you organize any of the physical and digital spaces in your life — a closet, kitchen, home office. We will offer support for decision-making, facilitate actions around removal of unwanted belongings, and set up systems, from shelving to labels, that help clients establish order and clarity.
  • What does a hands-on Professional Organizing session entail?
    Sessions are typically anywhere from 3 to 6 hours long. Every client and every project is different, but the the typical process is: sort, purge, haul, then organize. It’s a side by side process and requires your participation. It’s your home and belongings after all! While I ask that you work with us to sort and purge, you don't have to be present while the organizing is being done. I will work with you to create a system that works for the way you think, while providing my organizing expertise and productivity tips.
  • What do your services include?
    • Initial planning meeting • Planning, research, and design of materials and layout • All communications via phone and email during the planning process • Donation drop-off with receipt upon request • Shredding drop-off for an additional fee with certificate of destruction upon request • Shopping for any project materials, such as storage bins
  • How does Virtual Organizing work?
    A virtual organizing session is similar to a traditional hands-on session, but instead of meeting face-to-face we will use a digital platform such as FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. Whichever you prefer! We'll start with a free consultation where you will show me the space in your home you'd like to get organized. The most popular areas for initial virtual organizing sessions are laundry rooms, pantries, kitchens, and home offices, but of course we are not limited to those spaces. We'll figure out if virtual organizing is the right path given your organizational capabilities and project scope. We'll do this by asking questions, talking about goals, and discussing how we can work together.
  • Who is Virtual Organizing best for?
    Virtual Organizing is great for those who are... • Motivated for change and ready to do the hands-on work themselves • Overwhelmed or frustrated by clutter and simply don't know where to start • Comfortable with digital platforms, following verbal instructions, and communicating when you are feeling stuck • Budget conscious have extra time on their hands to get the work done • Appreciate having someone who can keep them on track and accountable
  • What does a Virtual Organizing session entail?
    If we decide to move forward after our consultation call, you'll purchase an initial 3 hour organzing services package, which will be split into two 1.5-hour sessions. In the first session we will deep dive into the trouble area and creation an action plan. There will be an email follow up and may include a little bit of homework tasks for you to complete on your own before our next session. In the second session, we will focus on getting it done together and addressing any concerns or frustrations. We'll talk about ways you can stay organized and suggest items that can help you do so if needed. After the first 3-hour package, additional hours may be purchased in 1-hour increments.
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