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As a first generation Filipino-American, and recent bride, I understand the importance (and pressure) of honoring family, cultural and religious traditions on your special day. 

My experience with traditional ceremonies, ability to wrangle the titos and titas, and understanding of Tagalog and Ilonggo can help make your day a as smooth and stress free as possible.

Special Ceremony elements

Candles and cords and veils, oh my! 
Primary sponsors? Secondary sponsors? But why? 

If you are thinking of incorporating these special moments in your ceremony, and need help communicating the significance to guests, finding the materials, or scheduling the sequence of events - we've got you covered. 

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DISCO-DISCO and ulam

Did a Filipino wedding even happen if "Todo-Todo" and "September" were not played? We'll work with your DJ and M.C. to make sure all the DIs in the house are satisfied! 

Do you want Lechon Cebuano added to your carving station? Or maybe an Ube flavored dessert? No problem. We'll connect you with our favorite Pinoy small business owners who can help make it happen. Support your community and wow your guests!


Filipino families and extended networks are huge. There's your Lolo and Lola, parents, siblings, Tita Baby, Tito Boy, your Ninang in London... all of these people travel just for you! We have perfected the art of efficient post-ceremony photos and reception table rounds to ensure everyone has their picture perfect memory with you.

Everyone can't make the trip? No problem. We are experienced in live-streaming to remote locations. Your family in the Philippines can gather for a viewing party or watch from the comfort of their homes!