Wedding Emergency Kit: Necessary or Nah?

I recently went to Target to re-up my wedding emergency kit for this wedding season and when the cashier handed me my long receipt my first thought was, "Target - gets me every time!" (I know I'm not the only one who walks in there regularly for two things and comes out with a $100 receipt.)  

Wedding Emergency Kit Blog post.jpg

But for real - I spent more than $100 on a bunch of small things for the wedding emergency kit that I provide for my clients. Lucky for me these purchases are a business expense, but I couldn't help but think of how a bride or groom might spend money putting together their own wedding emergency kit when they could use that $100+ on something else for their wedding! 

If you Google "What goes in a wedding emergency kit" or "Wedding day checklist" you will find several lists.  I can say for a fact that I use, on average, a maximum 3 items out of my kit at any given wedding.  Why spend all of your hard earned money to only use 3 things? Here are things you can do with that $100 instead:


  • Buy the candle/cord/veil if you are doing those special ceremony elements.
  • Get that cute ring bearer sign, dog of honor bandana, and  
  • A nice gift for your partner if you are doing a gift exchange
  • Gratuities for your awesome vendors
  • Pay for your marriage license!!! Necessary.

So yes, you do need a kit (because whether we like it or not, something will happen!), but there's no need to spend your money on it.These are just a few examples of how your money can be better spent, especially when it comes to weddings which can be so costly as it is. Whether you hire us or another wedding coordinator, ask if they include wedding emergency kit as part of their services. You not only get the stress-relief from having someone to handle your big day, but you can also save money for use elsewhere that may need it more!