Meet Jiliane Patriarca

If there is one thing I am good at, it's getting things done. My clients hire me because I take charge of situations, whether it be a cluttered closet or a 300 person wedding or corporate event.

As a professional organizer, my goal is to understand my client and help create the most intuitive organizing system and process that will help you achieve your goals. Most importantly, I aim to be thoughtful and supportive while still remaining focused and determined. I am here to help you feel less stressed, frustrated, and cluttered by transforming your space so that you can have time to do things that make you happy.

As a wedding and event coordinator, my goal is to ensure that you savor every special moment without having to sweat the small stuff. Weddings and events can be exciting, but stressful! You can trust that all details have been thought through and any discrepancies will be handled. I thrive under pressure, so it's my job to stay prepared and organized so that you can enjoy your wedding, private party, or event.

Was thinking of you (kindly) yesterday as I gazed upon my immaculate kitchen and cleared away a growing pile of papers on my desk. I feel like I’m getting me AND my life back!
— S, professional organizing client
Working with Jiliane in an event is very organized and efficient. The most important thing is she didn’t put herself as just an outside event coordinator but also the company employee, she takes the value of the company and delivers to the guests. I would recommend her to other companies and individuals.
— Grace. corporate event client
Our wedding day was completely perfect (and absolutely no stress for us) largely due to Jiliane’s (more than) month-of preparation and day-of support and coordination. Everything was in order, everything went smoothly, and my husband and I didn’t have to deal with a single obstacle. To be honest, now that the wedding is over I miss her and wish I could still talk to her every day ;)
— Rachael, bride
Working with Jiliane makes my job so much easier. She’s also just enjoyable to work with as well! Jiliane is always well organized, sees problems before they happen and really gets her hands in there to get the job done. I’d recommend her for any event to keep it organized, on time and the best it can be.
— Misty Lane, Photographer
Jiliane is a dream come true. We hired her to be our day wedding coordinator, and after our first meeting with her, I felt instantly relieved that she would be there for our wedding day. When you’re planning a wedding, all anyone does is come to you with questions and comments, but Jiliane will come to you with solutions and “I got it, don’t worry about it” - which is exactly what you need and want to hear.
— Margaux P, bride

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