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Wardrobe Decluttering & Organization

I recently received an email asking me for tips for organizing and decluttering a wardrobe. I put together some of my favorite infographics in response to this inquiry and figured I might as well go ahead post it here. Everyone has a different style and closet size, so modify for your personality and space. 

Step 1: Have the right supplies and system.
This is one of my favorite guidelines for wardrobe systems. It details what to hang versus fold, what kind of hangers to use for different types of clothing, and storage tips:

Wardrobe System

source: google.com

Step 2: Sort into keep, donate, sell.
This is often the hardest part of wardrobe decluttering. The decision tree below by Katie is a great help during this process. Ask yourself these simple questions when sorting through your wardrobe. Remember, anything you donate or sell is bringing happiness to someone else 🙂 

source: modern-eve.com

Step 3: Have a little fun!
Hopefully during step two you’ve gone through the clothes you already own and figured out what to keep, donate, sell, or discard. Now it’s time for the fun part! Check out the list below of 50 wardrobe staples. If you already have these items, great.. if not (and it’s in your budget), do a little shopping! 


Do you have any tips or tricks you’ve developed when it comes to your closet?
Share them in the comments below!


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