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Target Haul: Affordable Organizers

Target Haul: Affordable Organizers

Hey everyone! I went to Target today and found some great organizers in the “sale” section that is typically in the front of the store. These items are usually between $1 – $3. Watch the video below to see how I used them.

I used the plastic divided container for hair items, the tin canister for coffee, the blue boxes for tea, and the hanging organizer for winter and summer accessories! I think I am most excited by the hanging organizer. I don’t use my gloves, hats, or swimsuits too often. I had been keeping them in plastic bags in the top shelf of my closet. Since they were so inaccessible, I would often forget what I already own and end up buying another swimsuit or another pair of gloves. At least now I can get to them easily if I need them.. and it looks much better than old plastic grocery bags!

*EDIT* Sorry, didn’t realize the picture of the kitchen cabinet was cut off and so short! Here’s the photo:


A friend of mine who lives in the D.C. area inspired this post. She was on a shopping trip and snapped the photo below and sent it to me.

Target Organizers

Hey Jil!! I’m my Target in DC and they have the CUTEST organizing accessories in the $1 section!!! Some items are $3 but there is everything from stamps to accordion folders to file folders and more! Made me think of you!




She went home and did her own little organizing project of her own! Even if I can’t be there to physically organize for you, my hope is to inspire others to start projects that will lead them to a more organized, happy life! Have you found anything cute and useful in the sale section at the front of Target? Let us know!


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