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Jiliane Patriarca Founder & Professional Organizer

Hi – I’m Jiliane and I have fun doing what you might be dreading.

One day I realized that I’ve done the same thing at every job I’ve ever had… organize! Regardless of the industry (which includes food services, health care, financial planning, and communications), I found myself spending my work day organizing, filing, color coding, and alphabetizing. I was constantly creating new systems for organization or updates to procedures to increase efficiency and productivity. Organizing is my passion and I am happy to share my passion to help others and the community.

My life has taken me many places with many types of living arrangements. I have learned how to live in one bedroom with several people, in a house with a lot of space, and in an apartment that has just enough. Each situation posed a new space and organizational challenge which honed my creativity and problem-solving skills. All that moving also taught me how to pack. Whether it’s a weekend bag, an airplane carry-on, or my entire life in 3 suitcases to move across the world, each time I learned a best practice for packing. My employment experiences in various industries sharpened my time management, document control, and project management skills.

As a professional organizer, my goal is to understand my client and create the most intuitive organizing system and process that will help you achieve your goals. When faced with a problem or challenge, I have the ability to absorb information and organize it in a way that allows me to advise with optimal solutions. I apply this skill to visual and spatial organizing challenges – a cluttered closet, an overstocked garage, or an international move, for example. Most importantly, I’m focused and determined – but thoughtful and supportive. I can make sure we get the job done, all while being a shoulder to cry on (if needed!). I am here to help you feel less stressed, frustrated and cluttered by transforming your space to allow you practice efficiency and productivity, so that you can have time to do things that make you happy.